(, Renamed some modules to better indicate usage (, Removed extraneous files from npm package. (, Improve performance of development builds in various ways. (@gaearon in #13302), Fix a crash in the server renderer when an attribute is called hasOwnProperty. Os componentes de classe … (, Shallow renderer now returns the rendered output from, Fixed memory leak when rendering on the server, Fixed memory leak in synthetic event system, More minor internal changes for better compatibility with React Native, Minor internal changes for better compatibility with React Native, Some DOM operation names have been updated for clarity in the output of, Fixed bug with shallow rendering and function refs, Fixed bug resulting in timeouts firing incorrectly when mounting and unmounting rapidly, Fixed bug with development build preventing events from firing in some versions of Internet Explorer & Edge, Fixed bug with development build when using es5-sham in older versions of Internet Explorer, Fixed bug where events wouldn't fire in old browsers when using React in development mode, Addons have been moved to separate packages (, Stateless functional components - React components were previously created using React.createClass or using ES6 classes. At Facebook, we use Jest to test React applications.. This behavior was confusing and inconsistent depending on the file size. (, Fix containing elements getting focused on SSR markup mismatch. (, Apply better minification to production single-file builds. Many warnings show more context than before. (, Deduplicate other warnings about updates. They are still executed in order (as you would expect with normal script tags), Fixed a bug preventing sourcemaps from working in Firefox, Improved readme with usage and API information, Added warnings to help migrate towards descriptors, Made it possible to server render without React-related markup (. Using multiple instances of React together is not supported, so we now warn when we detect this case to help you avoid running into the resulting problems. (, Fix pending effects from being flushed too late. (, Improve error handling in cross-platform touch event handling. (, Fix issue resulting in spurious unknown property warnings. cra-template-typescript, cra-template, react-scripts #9205 Switch to the Workbox InjectManifest plugin (@jeffposnick) react-dev-utils, react-scripts #8582 Add experimental react-refresh support (@charrondev) 💥 Breaking Change. (, Revamp the priority batching heuristics. You may optionally then move react-scripts from devDependencies to dependencies since that’s how we’ll structure newly created projects. Previously the only useful thing you can do with a DOM component is call. Please move any top-level test directory (i.e. (, Remove some special cases for platform specific branching. Improved support for maintaining line numbers when transforming. (, Exclude forwardRef and memo from stack frames. (, Fixed a decimal point issue on uncontrolled number inputs. (, Improve the warning about wrong component type casing. eslint-config-react-app, react-error-overlay, react-scripts. (, Fix unresolved default props in lifecycle methods of a lazy component. Learn more about React 17 and how to update to it on the official React blog. (, Improve DOM nesting validation warning about whitespace. (, Support priority levels, continuations, and wrapped callbacks. (, Use global render timeout for CPU Suspense. In React apps, scripts are located in the package.json file. (, Add support for the Pointer Events specification. (, Fix crash when running TestUtils with the production build of React. react-dev-utils #6876 Change cssmodule classname hash to use relative paths :nail_care: Enhancement. (, Fix a performance regression in profiling mode. (, Fix events issue in environments with mutated, Improved performance of text escaping by using, Fix controlled vs uncontrolled detection of, Improve performance of updating text content. Estou tentando fazer um componente de select que seja usado mais de uma vez dentro de outro componente Pai. (, Fix bug in legacy mode Suspense where effect clean-up functions are not fired. If you'd like to import a file's contents as a string, consider contributing to #1944. (, Revert warning for cross-component updates that happen inside class render lifecycles (, Warn when a string ref is used in a manner that's not amenable to a future codemod (, Warn when a function component is updated during another component's render phase (, Don't group Idle/Offscreen work with other work (, Don't warn when suspending at the wrong priority (, Fix regression in react-native-web by restoring order of arguments in event plugin extractors (, Fix regression in Next.js apps by allowing Suspense mismatch during hydration to silently proceed (, Fix edge case where a hook update wasn't being memoized. Upgraded our dependencies on Commoner and Recast so they use a different directory for their cache. If you left the service worker integration enabled and didn’t change how it works, you can replace src/registerServiceWorker.js with this updated version. This enforces that files that import each other stay in src/, and other folders serve different purposes (e.g. That means that minor releases are often more interesting and compelling than majors, despite their unassuming name. Many small performance improvements have been made. (, Elements will now warn when attempting to read, React will now warn if you pass a different, React DOM now attempts to warn for mistyped event handlers on DOM elements, such as, React DOM now warns if an input switches between being controlled and uncontrolled. (, Fix regression in custom elements support. (, Fix an IE crash in development when using, Fix labels in User Timing measurements for new component types. This release adds a, Refs to DOM components as the DOM node itself. This is to reduce confusion around import statements, which do not allow you to evaluate code between them. (, Set the package version to be in sync with React releases. This previously resulting in additional type checking and overhead as well as confusing cases for users. Documentation for recent releases can also be found below. (, Include component stack information in PropType validation warnings. (, Include component stack into the warning about, Improve the warning about booleans passed to event handlers. Change the value of the description key to Unicodelabs Configuration and scripts for Create React App. A simple React component capable of building HTML forms out of a JSON schema.. A live playground is hosted on GitHub Pages:. Elements printed in their entirety would sometimes render as HTML. Please refer to the Jest 19 and Jest 20 breaking changes for migration instructions. A simple React component capable of building HTML forms out of a JSON schema and using Bootstrap semantics by default.. A live playground is hosted on gh-pages.. (, Add warning that ReactPerf is not enabled in production. This fix is only available in react-dom@16.4.2. (, Fix a crash when Suspense finishes loading in IE11. If you wish to run your React app on port number 2000, modify your package.json file as follows: Before publishing to npm, we need to change the value of the name key of the package.json file in react-scripts directory to unicodelabs-react-scripts. react-dev-utils #4250 Upgrade detect-port-alt to fix #4189. (, Improve the fallback mechanism in non-DOM environments. Joe Haddad ; 1.1.3. Minor internal changes for better compatibility with React Native; React DOM. (, React DOM does not throw when asynchronously unmounting a child with a, React DOM no longer forces synchronous layout because of scroll position tracking. (, Fix an IE/Edge issue when rendering inputs into a different window. Better support for server-side rendering -, Made it possible to use React in environments enforcing a strict. The old, 2009 specification for Flexbox is deprecated and is 2.3x slower than the latest specification. (, Warn about nested updates no more than once. Inside, you’ll see a file named App.js. The deprecations introduced in 15.x have been removed from the core package. Ensure all void elements don’t insert a closing tag into the markup. Hoje estamos lançando o React 16.6 com alguns novos recursos convenientes. (, Fix heuristic for determining when to hydrate, so we don't incorrectly hydrate during an update. Para criar as tags "option", eu … This should no longer happen and should properly render as text. (, Add UMD production+profiling entry points (, Fix a regression in unstable exports used by React Native Web. If you use snapshots, you will likely need to update them once because of the change in format. (, Components can now return arrays and strings from. First, ensure you are using the latest Node 6 LTS or newer. Big thanks to, Improve the warning about undefined component type. Learn how to use Stormpath to build a React.js application ... can package all of our client-side scripts ... want to end up when we log out, open up app.js and change … (, Don't crash if there is a global variable called, Deduplicate warning messages about invalid callback. Allow reusing the same DOM node to render different components. Non-unique keys may now cause children to be duplicated and/or omitted. (, Fixed a bug with updating text in IE 8. CSS Columns are treated as unitless numbers. (, Fallback should not remount every time a promise resolves. (, Ensure no errors are thrown due to event handlers in server rendering. (@wileybenet), #2796 Properly escape HTML tags in error overlay. (, Allow multiple root children in test renderer traversal API. Using the dependencies argument of useEffect() you control when to invoke the side-effect, … (, Fix incorrect argument order in a warning message. (, Fix grammar in the controlled input warning. E.g. (, Add error codes to production invariants, with links to the view the full error text. (, Fix bug where inputs mutated value on type conversion. (, Fix a crash in IE11 when restoring focus to an SVG element. When possible, React DOM now generates XHTML-compatible markup. (, Stop validating props at mount time, only validate at element creation. Refer to the documentation for detailed installation instructions.. ESLint Plugin for React Hooks . UPDATED - Updated react-scripts to 3.4.0 Change Log V 4.0.0 ADDED- Converted all functionality based on React-Hooks. Install with, Fix issue resulting in excessive warnings when encountering an internal measurement error. (, Improve accuracy of lifecycle hook timing. (, Avoid "Member not found" exception in IE10 when calling, Add more cases to controlled inputs warning. For example: The server renderer has been completely rewritten, with some improvements: Server rendering does not use markup validation anymore, and instead tries its best to attach to existing DOM, warning about inconsistencies. #2884 Improve offline heuristic for proxied environments.