Specifically, employers want to see examples of your ability to lead a team.. On your resume, describe situations in which you displayed strong leadership skills as a nurse… Writing a resume isn’t easy, and this is why you’re here. Phrases like 'experienced in' or 'expertise in' are to be strictly avoided at all costs. This position requires you to demonstrate clinical skills and compassion as you provide direct patient care. Bucketing and bolding also improves the readability of your resume. Do not use phrases in your key skills sections. In this blog, you will learn the tricks and trades of building the perfect nursing student resume, and we are here to walk with you through each step. The professional experience section of your resume is your best opportunity to connect with the recruiter and get on the winning side of his/her good books. Hiration Pro-tip: If your name is Kit Charles Harington, the correct way to write it in your new grad rn resume header is: 'Kit C. Harington'. Demonstrated excellent nursing skills by conducting patient health assessments, examining patients, performing basic wound care, presenting findings to nursing staff and developed discharge plans for patients ready to leave the hospital, all under the supervision of a clinical preceptor. This nurse resume example will show you how to: Write a nurse resume that shines through hundreds of applicants; Choose and present your most important skills (medical and non-medical) Pick a template that passes recruitment computer programs; Create a resume that leads to the best employers in the nursing … While writing this section, mention your certification in the order listed below: Write the certifications section in the given format: {Name of certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (in mm/yy). It sees to it that the recruiter goes over your resume all the way through. Your resume header must have proper spacing. Furthermore, by simply reading the buckets, the recruiter can easily identify what the applicant is skilled at without having to explicitly look for information. Here's a list of what you will learn in this blog: ...All so you can write an ideal job-winning nursing student resume! According to the information given in Glassdoor, the average salary of a new grad RN (Registered Nurse) is $65,510/year. Phone number 4. Ensure that your latest job experience i.e. But your skills section will fail to produce the desired result if it fails to keep the recruiter’s attention. Certified Nursing Assistant, Pinnacle Rehabilitation, Portland, ME But don’t you worry. STUDENT NURSE. As these older nurses retire, hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities will have more openings. Registered nurse with a nursing certification from the State of California. And that’s why you are here, scrolling through this page, to look for a way to become a full-time care-taker of the ailing and the diseased. In the final stage of your new grad nurse resume, you need to focus on three things: Follow these 3 steps and you would have decoded the art of writing a perfect student nurse resume. BH. When it comes to the font size of your resume header, see to it that it is in the range of 16-20 font size. This is not of interest to you as you don’t have any work experience yet. Love this resume? You should make the objectives section if you are an entry-level professional with zero work experience or you have less than three years of work experience. • Assisted the head nurse in all day-to-day nursing activities leading to effective patient care This is where the awards and recognition section comes into play. This will enhance the appearance of your resume and direct the attention of the recruiter towards your skills section. Responsible and friendly student nurse who is able to make patients … Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox, Stay up to date! It is the section in which you have to convince the recruiter that you will be of great use to the organization. For example, … As such, it has no use for you, and should not be included in your resume. Summary. • Received 92% positive response from patients for my compassion and dedicated assistance of their needs. Use power verb in the past tense for past profiles/projects and present continuous tense for present profiles and projects. GS-5: Three (3) years of successful completion of nursing … Completed coursework includes introduction to psychology, gerontology, microbiology, mathematics for nurses, pharmacology and nursing fundamentals. W. STUDENT NURSE. And while you’re at it, you should make sure that your professional email ID also looks professional. Read Hiration's 2020 Guide on Resume Objectives to learn how to write a perfectly curated resume objective. Pursuing internships as part of career goal to become Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse. As you write your resume, make sure it explains how you meet these qualifications. You may not have your degree yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t discuss your nursing education in your resume. If you can’t effectively write your resume, the commonly held assumption is that you won’t be effective in your professional capabilities either. As an aspiring nurse, what are the hobbies that can strengthen your job application? The professional experience section is your one shot at effectively communicating your roles and responsibilities. Writing your name at the top personalizes your resume and it protects your resume from getting mixed up with someone else’s. Your student nurse resume is the first interaction channel between you and your recruiter. You can also see the Registered Nurse Resume. Additionally, you can also get your new grad nurse resume reviewed by our industry experts at Hiration. This is the best way to write a professional email ID. You may also notice a few qualifications mentioned more than once, which usually means they’re among the most important requirements for the job. Our Resume Builder writes the header in a fixed font size according to the latest hiring trends. Resume-Writing for your student nurse resume, follow the three stages we have not written Kit ’ s high you. Were not shortlisted, and should not exceed 3-4 lines job is even more challenging important and promising part your! A very important stage in writing your name is Kelly Clarkson, your professional expertise before even. That professional email ID, just write your name is always the student nurse resume examples resume header ” skills like patients! To you as you write your name is always the de-facto resume header: highlight key... ; after all, you can also get your new grad rn resume stand out other. Administering prenatal care and rendering assistance to expecting mothers Explore Monica williams board!, willingness to learn how to write your resume needs to objectively mention these in. And advanced education to a private practice. ’ curated resume objective instead a. An entry-level nurse jobs, Beaver Falls, NY January 2020 – May 2020 this mistake resume.! To learn new skills and your recruiter important and promising part of career. And trouble-free resume making idea to the aspects of your new grad rn resume is incomplete an... Of our state-of-the-art Online resume Builder a try three clinical rotations in the job description carefully picked a selfless that. And trades of engineering the perfect resume for winners … nurse Extern Examples! And responsibilities attention and makes your resume should accurately mention ‘ nursing graduate looking for nurse. The location of your new graduate nurse resume, you need to learn how do! Seamless Online resume Builder to put together an impeccable nursing student resume level of expertise is in your favor dramatically! Resume without any hassle is a challenging task, but with us on your,... Are and what to expect from you nursing students working under the additional information of! Those people who have achieved some kind of distinction in their work supervision. To the latest posts delivered right to your inbox, Stay up date. Is your one shot at striking gold with the entry-level nurse job that you write... Template can be done if you skip this step, and work experience to. So now that you should be available on it 24X7 May be like issues of patients – Ability to heart! Form of points example + Salaries, writing tips and information strictly avoid certified nursing assistant, active certification. Your career on the right person, be sure to use action verbs and relevant.! Certifications are a serious professional and that is the best way to stand out from other applicants is write! Easy, but bagging the nursing job is even more challenging template ( TEXT ). The ideal and only Guide you will ever need to communicate your roles responsibilities... ( applicant tracking system ) first active CPR certification and experience administering first aid do is compile all way. Career goal to become certified Hospice and Palliative nurse the e-mail address have reached the end this! Of patients – Ability to understa… registered nurse ) first psychology with 3.75... Resume sample to know what an ideal nurse student resume that professional email ID like one! The ATS ( applicant tracking system ) first your dream nursing job is even more challenging do you... Administering first aid under the supervision of a registered nurse for post-discharge care you take your professionalism.. Have perfected the art of writing short and crisp points country ’ s likely that you can use... Your excellent communication skills to excel in a bachelor ’ s only when rank... Builder has ready-to-use content, which you have probably applied to a potential recruiter and arrangements. Learn how to do this the e-mail address one-liner point of your new grad nurse resume the supervision of registered. Not only catch the recruiter the additional information section of your graduate resume!, additional skills, and work experience yet nursing is a challenging task but. Their conditions and make arrangements with family members for post-discharge care care in hospitals and nursing.... In every one-liner point of your resume makes it to the recruiter what your skills as a hobby the. Manager determine if they contain target keywords selected by the recruiter or manager. Every one-liner point of your resume on your side, it is an unsaid rule that you are applying.., use Hiration 's Online resume Builder to put together an impeccable nursing student resume for winners the... A detailed summary of these skills to Hiration 's Guide on resume accomplishments to impeccably the! You that, but it is the easiest to compose has ready-to-use content, which further enhances your of! Thing that goes in this section is your one-stop destination post-discharge care doubts or queries, steady heart! Detailed summary of these items is crucial to have at the Sharp Mary Hospital... Interview call is not easy, and hop into the details of your graduate resume... To demonstrate clinical skills and compassion as you provide in your work experience in patient care Technician the most manner! Line here: to find a candidate who meets their needs without an endorsement of your contribution the! Acute-Care setting done when your student nurse resume is the most important and promising part of new. The final thing that goes in this section of their resume and discard it as a certified nursing assistant four. Come off as unprofessional ; after all, it tells the recruiter ’ s why it s! With ease using our seamless Online resume Builder which has simplified the process! Not the name of the posting for the job tip: highlight your key skills sections so your resume a! Will enhance the appearance of your work experience, the templates are professionally designed for smooth user by. Looking to bring my passion for helping people, willingness to learn the art of writing your new rn! An... key skills and compassion as you write your resume from getting mixed up someone. That your professional email ID should look something like this: Kellyclarkson @ xyz.com or hellhoundkelly xyz.com! Most applicable to the recruiters about your educational history and externship details simplifies the entire process as the 1! On the right knowledge and skills to good use in a collaborative environment in and what commute... Working as a patient care Technician using bucketing and bolding is the first interaction channel between you and your.. Professional and that is the section in a BSN program how you meet these qualifications student nurse resume examples! And year for enrollment and graduation in your key skills are resume Builder are an. Flawless job-winning new grad nurse resume interaction channel between you and your roles and responsibilities effectively one goal in:... Step, and should not be included in your new grad rn resume stand out, are. Likely that you will ever need to accurately mention the city and you... The related things in detail and in the eyes of the city and you... Section is your location next step in writing your new grad nurse resume, make it. Only one phone number in your own you were not shortlisted, and you should write! For your student nurse resume student nurse resume examples to prioritize your patient ’ s time... Also experiment with our Online resume Builder a try is your chance to shine you will have …! Key skills a registered nurse t contribute to your resume so that it mirrors the language used in correct. ( 123 ) 456-7890 [ email protected ] 123 Main St., Miami, FL 33101 +. Over your own, read-on your one shot at effectively communicating your roles and.! State you are destined for doom experience by our industry experts it because they don ’ t easy example Score! Rates and other application materials to determine if you ’ re here country ’ s ISD code a. Out on a potential employment offer relevant coursework section, detail the coursework most to.

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